Investor Relations

Drug Free Solution Inc. is an Emotional Wellness company that is a culmination of the last twenty-one years. Within those years, it has helped create positive lifestyle changes reflected in an individual’s Mental Health for over 270,000 participants and workshop attendees. Drug Free Solution Inc. has assisted individuals, families, and communities by bringing emotional harmony to conditions of Mental Health that are a direct result of anxiety, trauma, and emotional breakdowns or conditions.

As the founder of this project, I have spent my career aiming to achieve today’s outcome which was to provide an agile, cost-effective, and results driven digital platform that helps every day people become unstuck of symptoms from emotional conditions driven by day-to-day circumstances. As the world faces challenges for world peace and individual safety on a global level, we feel at Drug Free Solution Inc. that we are primed for an aggressive market entry to assist as many individuals as possible to participate in the Feelz Emotional Wellness System to achieve an overall improvement to quality of life as well as, in some cases, minimize paralyzing emotional conditions including anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, prescription medication addiction, and drug abuse. Drug Free Solution Inc. is dedicated to providing our suite of 42 Feelz Digital Programs, 46 Codez, 44 Readz, and 22 comprehensive Emotional Wellness Community Initiativez.

In 2012, as founder of Drug Free Solution Inc. and pioneer of the Living Breath Process, I chose to merge my private company with a public vehicle that is today positioned on the pink sheets as DSOL. The challenges we faced were monumental. The intention of becoming public was to create a model that drove our services through a public reinvestment model which, in turn through trading, reduced the monetary debt of Mental Health within the lives of individuals and communities. Initially, when we went public, the expectations were not in alignment to those that would work with us. Unfortunately, my decision as founder to not take toxic convertible debt early on before our products were digitally branded, created a difficult and treacherous pathway for us that undersold our length of time in the market which had already assisted over 270,000 individuals. The only option we had was to push to release products for download and licensing, which we have successfully launched today.

Our next primary goal, alongside of marketing and revenue goals, is compliance. Drug Free Solution Inc.  has three years of filings to report which we plan to do over the 12 months, believing that as we are re-established within our compliant requirements, we will be simultaneously reporting our ability to meet our revenue assumptions. From this plan, I hope to bring together board members that are highly skilled in corporate compliance of a public company that can help with oversight and appropriate management practices. We also seek to create an innovative dream team that would assist with our Community Initiativez, found within our LBP Community Care Model, which contains a multitude of ways we can help bring wellness and reduce debt within communities while bringing high yield on investment for shareholders. 

Drug Free Solution Inc. is strongly positioned within the Wellness Market as a category creator and attracts daily awareness within the lives of individuals, media, and online social circles. If you are reading this then we invite you to try our Feelz, and become involved. The road ahead will not exist without its challenges, but as a non toxic public company distributing an advanced proven solution that assists with everyday Mental Health through Emotional Wellness delivered to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a proven track record, we are excited about our future! As we face prescription medication abuse head on and restore quality of life, we invite you to learn about us and join us. 

As the founder of the Living Breath Process and a mother, I would like to thank my children for their sacrifice to align to this movement for their entire lives, picking me up as a social entrepreneur on my worst days. I cannot express the wisdom that has come from them to keep going for humanity and the quality of life they have seen be restored from the Living Breath Process. I thank my key support staff Aubree and Jasmine for their endless hours, belief, and creativity to continue to strive through multiple obstacles while never letting the shadow of doubt enter. I thank our participants and our shareholders for seeding this movement with self-belief, personal healing, and persistence.

Thank you…there are no words to capture the feeling of this unity. We look toward updating this page with steps forward in the areas outlined.


More Coming Soon!