Conscious Company Culture

We find it to be of the utmost importance, as a company that offers an opportunity to achieve Emotional Wellness through our products and services, that our internal company culture mirrors the same emotional balance that we invite users to practice. In essence, we practice what we preach. Drug Free Solution Inc. has a clearly defined three-fold “conscious company culture”. Its three dimensions balance, check, and coexist with each other, allowing a flow of organizational life to create a foundation for success. The three dimensions of DSOL are Identity, Purpose, and Stewardship. These three dimensions function not as separate entities, but as a commonwealth collaborative service. A commitment to see their relationship as a whole unit, allows the organization to move in ways that reflect disciplined mindfulness within relationship to its goals within the marketplace.

Identity // Staff, Employees, Coworkers

The dimension of Identity is preoccupied with:

1) How DSOL structures the quality and character of its life

2) Creating an environment that refects the organization’s core values

3) Drawing those who work for the organization toward their fullest potential

Purpose // Customers, Clients, Competitors, the Natural World, Host Communities represented by their Governing Bodies

The dimension of Purpose is preoccupied with:

1) The kind and quality of products/services the organization provides

2) How well these products and services serve its customers and to the common good of the larger human and natural worlds

Stewardship //  Management, Investors, Trustees

The dimension of Stewardship is preoccupied with:

1) How DSOL utilizes its resources (human, financial, and material)

2) So as to sustain its visibility, and

3) Balance the legitimate needs of each stakeholder and those of the

wider community

Strategic Expression 

Each of these three dimensions finds strategic expression in three ways:

IDENTITY // Celebrating, Hosting, Modeling

Celebrating // Acknowledge the truth of the situation so as to affrm the challenge.

Hosting // Providing the environment which nurtures, heals, encourages, and empowers risk taking.

Modeling // Embodying the core values and vision in policies and practice.

PURPOSE // Teaching, Critiquing, Envisioning

Teaching // Sharing information and providing knowledge which empowers.

Critiquing // Being accountable through ongoing evaluation of performance to ensure excellence in service to the public.

Envisioning // Developing a vision of serving the common good which taps into the life energy of the organization.

STEWARDSHIP // Building, Governing, Managing

Building // Creating structures and systems which empower and sustain the capacity to serve.

Governing // Ensuring that all processes balance contending interests, enhance teamwork and build accountability to all stakeholders.

Managing // Utilizing human, material and financial resources so as to fulfill its mission and steward those resources as a sustainable trust.