Brand Experience

Publication to Public Company

Genie O’Malley, founder of Drug Free Solution Inc, came to the United States in 2002 with her publication Complete Earthly Woman, as the first step in her global mission to create a wellspring of empowerment for women, men and children to live within the perception of self-love and ultimately affect social healing on a personal, community, and national level.

The Living Breath Process continued to evolve into various products and services over the years, through the measured outcomes of seven incubators that offered varied ways to experience the benefits of the process. The timeline below outlines the evolution of the company brand from it’s initial publication, to it’s current state as a publicly traded company.

Full Company Rebrand

For the sake of maintaining the integrity of the public company, a decision was made internally to avoid toxic investment, as upper management saw zero to no benefit in a stock inflation during the rebrand transition. In light of the company’s decision to deny toxic investment, moderate stock purchases funded the rebranding phase.

In total, $280,000 was fundraised from individual’s that shared the same vision of the product’s dissemination. Outlined below are the key milestones over the course of the four year re-brand. The use of funds including product updates, account consolidation, internal operations, and development of visual qualities of the brand.