Drug Free Solution, Inc. houses the Living Breath Process; a system which has been observed to redefine a person’s inner dialogue, which is located within the Emotional Brain. When practiced for 10 minutes a day, the Living Breath Process has demonstrated the ability to stimulate positive inner dialogue within the Emotional Brain, allowing for positive behavioral change


Living Breath Process

Drug Free Solution Inc. houses the Living Breath Process; a system observed to redefine a person’s positive inner dialogue, contained within their feeling receptors, that drives behavior within the emotional brain. When practiced for 10 minutes per day, the Living Breath Process has successfully demonstrated to drive positive behavioral change, while sustaining an internal feeling of emotional harmony. This type of cognitive behavioral therapy is distinctly unique in application and in its replicable long-term effects. Through a proven consumer need to heal, practice, and pay forward the utilization of the Living Breath Process, DSOL has placed the unique three-step process at the core of each one of its products and services.

Learn more about our Community Care Initiatives at Living Breath Project.com

All The Feelz

The Living Breath Process is at the core of each of our 154 products and services. Its methodology can be found in each one of our Feelz digital programs that are a cost-effective, discreet, and digital practice that allow user’s to work on their Emotional Wellness for 10 minutes per day in their own home environment. This unique opportunity for user’s to have access to a full Emotional Wellness system for practice at their fingertips is the first comprehensive at-home system of its kind and offers an alternative to today’s current Wellness options that may include talk therapy, prescription medication plans, and the potential resulting rehabilitation center stays for inappropriate medication use. The goal is to give Generation Rx, a new option in their quest to understand, evolve, and treat specific life conditions with a subscription to our Feelz™ as opposed to a prescription for pills.

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