Genie OMalley
Founder/Chairwoman/DSOL Director of Education

Genie O’Malley is an award winning humanitarian and human rights advocate, driving social change for individuals and communities as she leads the conversation on the importance of Mental Health while providing a suite of Emotional Wellness Programs called the Feelz. O’Malley has pioneered an invention known today as the Living Breath Process; a dynamic combination of breathing coupled with language acquisition that is able to speak to, nurture, embrace, and dissolve a person’s “negative inner dialogue”, allowing their own self-love to become the driver of their life experiences as opposed to their brokenness.

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Jeff Malin 

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Malin joined Drug Free Solution, Inc. in June 2018. Prior to that, he served the State of California as a Senior Business Development Specialist within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. There, he worked to recruit new companies, support existing industry, and build regional and local markets for an economy that, when compared to other nations, would be the fifth largest in the world. Mr. Malin was instrumental in the passage of new state and local legislation designed to incentivize advanced manufacturing and research and development in California. Mr. Malin worked with local leaders on teams to win confidential site selection projects across all industries in California, earning him distinguished awards as Economic Development Partner of the Year from Imperial and Kings counties.  

Can’t live without: love

Social philosophy: it is what it is … or is it?

Forever in my phone: a pdf book called Alien Interview, edited by Lawrence Spencer, published in 2008

My current favorite charity: UNHRC

My mantra: love heals you


Steve Fulton

Director of Acquisitions & Mergers

Steve has multiple degrees in Mathematics and Economics from UCLA, including an MBA from Dartmouth College: Amos Tuck Business School. Possesses over 30 years experience with companies on Wall Street, including; Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Western Asset Management Co. He has testified before the Senate Banking Committee regarding housing finance, as well as presented to numerous members of Congress, the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, HUD, the S.M. of Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac in regards to housing policy. He is also a black belt in Kempo Karate and Brazilian Jui Jitsu and an instructor to US Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement in Ground Survival Tactics.

Can’t live without: Quiet

Social philosophy: Let it be

Forever in my phone: The off button

My current favorite charity: Wounded Warriors and Horses for Veterans

My mantra: In the immortal words of the great philosopher Yoda: “No, try not. Do or do not………there is no try”


Jasmine Sautner

Director of Information Technology & Social Media

As our Creative IT Director, Jasmine Sautner has been an integral part of the Living Breath Process digital integration. Since developing the site to deliver founder Genie O’Malley’s emotional wellness system the Living Breath Process – the feelz-  Jasmine today manages all aspects of our websites and digital media to ensure that everyone who visits our sites receives the information and experience that they need. To say she is a vital aspect to the delivery of the Feelz would be an understatement. She utilizes her skills daily to bring a powerful emotional wellness system into peoples’ lives, working tirelessly to allow that to happen in the simplest, most efficient way possible.

Can’t live without: my computer

Social philosophy: respect your elders

Forever in my phone: hyperburner

My current favorite charity: wwf

My mantra: veni, vidi, vici 


Cheryl Rayton Rempis

Director of Community Registered Nurses

Cheryl is a dynamic, highly motivated nurse who is keen on serving society by providing a high degree of excellence in health, wellness, and medical services.She received her BSN degree from California State University of San Bernardino in June of 2003. Throughout her journey she has explored many dimensions of the nursing profession including Lactation Consulting, Obstetrics, Medical/Surgical Care, Womens Health, Pediatric and Newborn Care, Telemetry and Aesthetic nursing. Her experience also expands beyond the medical realm and delves into Holistic Health, Emotional Wellness, Integrative Nutrition and Fitness domain. Her intuitive and adaptable nature has proven to be an invaluable asset in providing exceptional care. Balancing mind, body and soul has been a lifelong passion for her as well as helping others achieve this balance.

Teri Bui

Manager of Brand Ambassadors

Teri Bui brings her many talents from being an investment trader to nearly a decade in property management. After owning and operating restaurants, Teri brought her vast management experience to the music industry where she, along with her husband, Johnny, started Love Music Dance, a successful music promotion company where she manages online promotion within the company. Teri and Johnny will manage the music artists associated with Drug Free Solution’s Music Division Promotions.

Johnny Bui

Manager of Brand Ambassadors

Johnny Bui has had a successful career in sales, with top sales in the furniture industry for six years, and restaurant management. Johnny took his experience into music promotions where he started Love Music Dance with his wife, Teri. Their events brought in up to over a thousand customers weekly. Johnny then added a DJ management branch of the company where he would mentor up and coming DJ’s to give them maximum exposure at large festivals in order for them to move on to contracts with larger agencies. Johnny and Teri will manage the music artists associated with Drug Free Solution’s Music Division Promotions.


Hannah Kelley 

Executive Assistant

Working in customer service management and production during the last decade, Hannah Kelley has a passion for helping others. She has practiced the Feelz programs and Night Lights and understands the value of emotional wellness within the structure of everyday life. She is a dedicated individual who is committed to helping others live within their potential and is thrilled to be part of a team to help fulfill the vision of Drug Free Solution.

Can’t live without: Joy
Social philosophy: Make it count
Forever in my phone: Pictures of my baby boy
My current favorite charity: #EndAlz (Alzheimer’s awareness)
My mantra: Light Up The Darkness